Labs and Testing 

Blood Testing

For new hormone, weight loss, and nutrition/lifestyle patients, it is necessary we have a detailed insight to your health. This means we will have each patient start their process by having blood drawn at a LabCorp location of choice.  LabCorp is open during the week and has locations all over the country. Our office starts by sending an electronic laboratory order to LabCorp. The lab order requisition will be emailed directly to you and the order will also be available to view or print via the patient portal. Be sure to bring a PhotoID and a copy of your health insurance card to the lab. Patients without insurance will have the option to purchase their lab panels through CHS. If your insurance plan is not accepted at LabCorp, CHS will be happy to work with you on sending an order to a lab that can accommodate your needs.

ZRT Testing 

Although blood test testing is required for initial consultations for new patients, our office also offers at-home testing by ZRT laboratories.  ZRT labs is a company that has created a variety of test kits that are supplied by our office, the test is then completed at home and shipped directly to the lab for accurate results. These tests can be evaluated through saliva, blood spot, or dried urine.

Here are some of the profiles ZRT offers:

Saliva Sample Testing

Saliva testing identifies bioavailable hormone levels – the active quantity that’s free to move into body tissue. Its non-invasive nature also makes it the gold standard for tests requiring multiple collections, such as diurnal cortisol.

Saliva Tests for Hormones include testing for Female/Male Profiles- Estradiol, Progesterone, Testosterone, DHEA-S, Cortisol. The only way to get an accurate read on total cortisol levels is through saliva testing. The Cortisol test kit includes 4 tubes to get results for cortisol first thing in the morning, one result at noon, another in the evening, and the last at night before sleep. This way, our providers are able to see the full picture with cortisol changes and give us insight on the primary stress hormone. High cortisol levels can lead to insomnia, anxiety, sugar cravings, feeling tired but not able to sleep, increased belly fat and bone loss. Low cortisol can cause ongoing fatigue, low energy, food & sugar cravings, poor exercise tolerance/recovery, and low immunity.

Suitable for:

  • Assessing “free” (unbound to carrier proteins) hormone levels
  • Monitoring hormone replacement given orally, topically, vaginally or via pellets
  • Collecting multiple samples during a day, e.g., determining diurnal cortisol levels for adrenal stress assessment

Dried Blood Spot Testing

Ideal for measuring hormones and other analytes such as insulin, blood lipids, Vitamin D, thyroid hormones, and elements like lead and magnesium. Blood spot testing gives results equivalent to serum but with distinct advantages over serum testing for monitoring topical and vaginal hormone supplementation.

Suitable for:

  • Assessing total circulating hormone levels (free plus protein-bound)
  • Patients with dry mouth and/or children who may have difficulty collecting saliva
  • Monitoring hormone replacement therapy (oral, sublingual, pellet)
  • Assessing thyroid health, fertility parameters, and cardiometabolic risk factors

Dried Urine Testing

Is a patient-friendly, discreet, simple alternative to all-day urine collection in a jug. Only 4 samples in one day are needed to assess adrenal and sex steroid hormone metabolic by-products and neurotransmitters, while 2 samples accurately determine 24-hour excretion of essential elements like iodine and selenium, and toxic heavy metals like arsenic and cadmium.

Suitable for:

  • Measuring steroid hormone metabolites, e.g., for breast cancer risk assessment
  • Determining toxic element exposure and iodine/selenium sufficiency for thyroid health
  • Determining diurnal cortisol production at 4 time points for stress assessment
  • Assessing nocturnal and diurnal melatonin production

Not suitable for:

  • Monitoring topical or intravaginal hormone replacement therapy

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