Peptide and HGH Therapy

Peptides are proteins made up of short chains of amino acids. Peptides naturally appear in every cell and tissue throughout our bodies to send signals to perform a range of essential biological functions. As we get older, we are undergoing many changes with diet, stress, and appearance which can lower the amount of essential amino acid and peptides that our bodies produce. Several amino acids are required for the production of hormones like the human growth hormone (HGH). If the body isn’t making or absorbing enough of these amino acids, the stability of your hormones can become unbalanced.

Charleston Hormone Services is happy to offer an array of peptides that can increase natural growth hormone production HGH, reduce body fat, increase energy and mental sharpness, increase strength and muscle mass, promote faster healing, improve quality of skin, and promote more restful sleep. Peptides can be combined and modified to improve your well-being and we are able to help you decide which peptide is right for you. If you are interested in peptide injections or have any questions regarding how peptide therapy can improve your health and activity performance, you may contact our office today!

Benefits of Peptide Therapy:

– strengthen immune system
– stimulate hair growth
– brighten mood
– improve athletic performance
– reduce inflammation
– faster recovery from injuries
– raise libido

​- BPC-157

​- CJC 1295 

​- Ipamorelin

​- Semaglutide

​- AOD 9604

​- NAD+ (injections)



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