Nutrition and Lifestyle Management 

Our food these days is lacking essential nutrients due to mass production methods and environmental toxins. Our office can help structure a lifestyle plan to improve your eating habits and to help you fuel your body with the appropriate vitamins to promote energy, weight loss, and disease prevention. The first step in providing effective nutrition and lifestyle management is to understand the individual needs of each patient. We consider factors such as age, gender, medical history, family history, and current health status. In addition to providing nutrition and lifestyle advice, CHS can also offer practical tips and resources to help patients make positive changes. This may include meal plans and educational materials on topics such as portion control and healthy cooking techniques. Not only is it important to take the appropriate supplements for your needs, but it is important to take pharmaceutical grade vitamins which are formulated to yield a higher degree of bioavailability. This results in better absorption into your body. We offer our patients the opportunity to purchase high quality supplements at great prices in office and through our extensive online dispensary HERE. 

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