Medical Ear Piercing

Stephanie has been performing medical ear piercings since 2006 when she worked downtown Charleston in facial plastic surgery. She believes ear piercing should take place in a sterile environment in order to minimize the risk of infection. Charleston Hormone Services offers ear piercing for teens (accompanied by a guardian) and adults. Our office uses only medical-grade, sterile equipment and numbing medication to ensure a comfortable experience. This greatly reduces the risk of infection, which can be a common complication with in-store ear piercing. One of the main advantages of medical ear piercings is the safety factor. Medical ear piercings are performed by trained and licensed medical professionals, who use sterile equipment and follow strict hygiene protocols. Another benefit of medical ear piercings is the precision and accuracy of the piercing. Medical professionals are trained to locate the exact location for the piercing and use specialized techniques to minimize pain and discomfort. This ensures that the piercing is placed in the most aesthetically pleasing location and reduces the risk of uneven or misplaced piercings. Medical ear piercings come with the added benefit of aftercare and follow-up support.

Our office provides advice on proper care and cleaning of the piercing and can monitor the healing process to ensure that it is progressing normally. In the unlikely event of a complication or infection, medical professionals can provide prompt and effective treatment. While in-store ear piercing may seem like a quick and easy solution, the advantages of medical ear piercing in terms of safety, precision, and aftercare make it the better choice for anyone looking to get their ears pierced. 14k yellow or white gold stud earrings with push backs are recommended to bring to your appointment.

Medical Ear piercing is one of our services that can be booked online.  Book here on our patient portal.

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